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What is hosting?

Hosting is a service of displacement Your website on our server to provide its uninterruptable operation and worlwide reachability on a maximum speed. To provide this numerous resources are involved: CPU power, disk space on a storage servers and Internet uplinks. Each website requires its quantity of resources defined by its size, complexity and traffic.
We offer most popular hosting types:

  • Shared webhosting;
  • Cloud hosting HALB, SAAS
  • Virtual servers VPS/VDS;
  • Dedicated servers

Each hosting type has its own advantages and features. Besides this different hositng plans lets you choose optimal for your website resources quantity. .

Shared Hosting

This hosting type multiple customers' sites are located on one server that has been prevously set up with a list of webhosting software most compartible with wide variety of websites.
Each website is located in its own directory with limited access so that you would not notice other sites presence on a server. Server resources are equally distributed between websites automatically according to partiqular website current load.
This is an optimal choise for most websites that do not expirience high traffic. This hosting type is suitable for online stores serving 100-500 visitors daily.
Advantages: lower price
Disadvantages: possible performance slowdown on a peak load, including other sites hosted on this server traffic peaks.

VPS/VDS virtual servers

This hosting type one physical node called hypervisoрес are distributed between several customer virtual servers. Each customer is provided with a strictly defined resource quantity according to his hosting plan: CPU cores, disk space, RAM amount. Free hypervisor resources may be used by virtual servers over limit, which allows to cover peak loads on a customer website. In any case defined by a hosting plan reources amount will always be reserved for a customer VPS.
Each customer has his login to a control panel and to his VPS operating system, so he can set up VPS software and services in his own way.
VPS is an optimal solution for wensites with medium and high traffic. This hosting will fit online stores serving several thousands users daily.
Advantages: full server control, good reliability.
Disadvantages: more expencive than shared hosting.

Dedicated servers

You obtain a physical server in your full control. This hosting type is suitable for websites with very high traffic and services requiring specific software and settings. With high performance this hosting gives you full independence from other customers.
Cons: Hith performance and и flexibility.
Pros: requirement for professional server and services management, more expencive resources.