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Secure hosting is a website service with quality guarantee against external factors, including DDoS attacks. This service is similar to migrating to a new server host: you will need to move the website files and change your DNS (A-type or NS-type records). Our specialists will migrate your website to our secure website hosting – free of charge – and make all the necessary settings changes.

Plans & Pricing

PH Lite

from $83

Single website protection from lite attacks upto 5Gbps with hosting on our servers

  • Protected domains : 1
  • Protected subdomains:
  • UDP/ICMP filtering : 5Gbps
  • Synflood filtering :750Kpps
  • HTTP filtering : 5K req/s
  • Clean traffic : 100MBps
  • 24х7 support : Email/Skype

PH Pro

from $208

Up to 4 websites protection on a single protected IP from medium attacks upto 15Gbps with hosting on our servers

  • Protected domains : 4
  • Protected subdomains:
  • UDP/ICMP filtering : 15Gbps
  • Synflood filtering : 2Kpps
  • HTTP filtering : 20K req/s
  • Clean traffic : 250MBps
  • 24х7 support : Phone/Email/Skype

PH Premium

from $417

Multiple websties protecton from large attacks on 1 protected IP hosted on our servers

  • Protected domains : unlimited
  • Protected subdomains:
  • UDP/ICMP filtering : 50Gbps
  • Synflood filtering : 10Mpps
  • HTTP filtering : 100K req/s
  • Clean traffic : 500MBps
  • 24х7 support : Phone/Email/Skype


  • Website transfer and settings optimisation for your CMS
  • Customer SSL certificate installation
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Whitelist/Blacklist management
  • Content caching
  • Content caching
  • Setup time less than 15 minutes
  • 24x7 monitoring
  • Control panel with online stats
  • Access/error logs access

Reviews Customers

Alex Leonov


Our Ukrainian office abandoned our own IP telephony server (server 3com) over a year ago and we and started using the Virtual Systems server IP telephony service.We are very pleased with server stability and the support quality. We immediately set up the entire system when installing (we used several trunks from different providers with a specific call routing logic) and advised on setting up and adding new users.Now we just add new users through the web interface and save a lot of time on our server administration (backups, updates, monitoring).During this time, there were a couple of times there were situations when some telephones stopped working due to provider’s fault. In these cases Virtual Systems support rescued us - quickly diagnosed the cause, contacted related ISP and solved the problems.

Olha Livik


v-sys tech pro-s have optimized website code, which scaled online store performance significantly. Fast reaction to tickets.

George Ivanov

Marketing Director

Searching the solution of our corporate CRM system application search facilities issues we found Saas service at VShost. Guys helped me to move and run my web application and identified Windows host where 5 my colleagues and I work with CRM client in terminal. One entry point for technical support and solving issues is very convenient . It works quickly and comfortably. It's great that guys have backups and snapshots without the lost two weeks of work.

Alina Majorova


Our site was relived being under attack, guys helped with transferr to a new hosting. When we couln’t open the website at our office, technical support expert came and helped troubleshooting the problem. Invoices are sent in a convenient form and can be downloaded from the personal page.