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DDoS Protection

DDoS attack is a distributed attack aimed at website to overwhelm the service and deny visitors access. We provide website and servers protection against all DDoS attack types:

  • attacks on channel clogging with or without amplification - to 400 Gbps;
  • different tcp-attacks types, including syn - to 80 Mpps;
  • application-level attacks;
  • any type of HTTP / HTTPS-flooding.

We provide superior protection with the use of carefully selected industry packages and custom solutions developed by our expert programmers.
Equipment located three sites: 2 - in Ukraine and 1 - in Romania.
Our defenses do not block search engine bots and are 100% SEO-friendly.
We provide our own control panel to manage and view statistics. Customers have the flexibility to manage the white and black lists, unbalance the clean traffic to multiple servers, manage caching, and install SSL-certificates.

Remote website protection

Service protection from DDoS attacks without server migration. This works like a reverse proxy – traffic is redirected to us and we filter out malicious requests while passing along valid traffic. This protection method favorably differs from others with it almost immediate connection.

Secure website hosting

DDoS protection is included in our Hosting and VPS packages. If necessary, we can migrate yourwebsite from your current host to our servers. To ensure high uptime rates, we are 100% responsible for the operation of our servers.