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UNIX-based Server Configuration

UNIX-based Server Configuration

UNIX-based server configuration is an important task which can and should be outsourced.

It is necessary to trust your servers and systems administration only to qualified personnel. OurVirtual Systems Specialists have extensive expertise with high complexity Internet server configuration and support with experience ranging from standard web-servers to complex clustered productive systems requiring maximum availability and zero fault tolerance.

Our Advantages:

  • Qualified personnel (5 years experience minimum) working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days aweek.
  • Our work fits well with standard and well-established practice settings: professional rapiddiagnosis, configuration standardization, regular backups, and continuous monitoring..
  • Each server is configured optimally for the customer's specific tasks.
  • Vast experience in work with high-load servers.

System Administration Service includes the following range of services:

  • operating system and software installation and configuration;
  • regular software patches and updates;
  • security policies and Firewall setting;
  • server work, CPU load disk systems and network interfaces monitoring;
  • server software vulnerabilities and Internet bottlenecks analysis;
  • database server adjustment and optimization;
  • backup and data restore;
  • hardware servers failures elimination;
  • кadvice on server work and optimization.


Our Virtual Systems experts’ knowledge, accumulated over a long period, ensures our customers to enjoy smooth server operation and rapid recovery in the event of emergency situations.

With an integrated development environment, file storage, and many other services, we offer easy setup, superior support, and smoothly run PHP websites, web databases, VoIP-solutions, streaming servers, high availability systems, network content delivery service, email-distribution, and mass server hosting websites.

The company's arsenal has a wide range of software solutions for customers’ applications, diverse web servers configuration, script handlers and databases, LOG-file management systems, and subversion. Regardless of the specific choices made or the unique business requirements, we meet the challenges of our customers with experience and expertise.

Complex server repair, or a forced platform change, won’t be a crisis anymore. We make every effort and use all our experience to ensure maximum uptime: duplicate server set up on the same or alternative website, backups, data replication, and proxying requests. Our customer services are always available and work without delay or downtime.

Please contact us to order server configuration.: