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Code Support

Your Website Code Support

Conflict between the interests of different developers is a normal part of the development process: website owners, developers working on different tool sets or applications, and system administrators can explode when a website stops working .
We have seen a lot of conflicts between development teams, so we have developed tool sets and best practices and to minimize the negative ‘worker collision’ consequences. We offer the service of these suites to our customers.

Our approach to the problem:

  • Development environment installation and maintenance and connection to the SVN or GITrepository server in our cloud.
  • Regular incremental code and database backups.
  • Backup server creation and maintenance. You can switch to the server in the case of‘placing’ primary one.
  • Problem diagnosis effective methodology, which helps to find a bad code or componentpiece that stopped working after the last product update in a matter of minutes.

The described measures are implemented in our Website Code Support service. If your website isunder full development, please ask to take advantage of this service. It can save you a lot of time and money lost to the downtime that results from uncoordinated modification.

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