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Website Loading Acceleration

Website loading acceleration is performed by the following factors:

  • website hosted on our servers with plenty of performance as compared to cheap hosting;
  • ultra-fast SSD-drives used on our servers;
  • all server software is configured for optimal CMS performance;
  • we offer ready and specially-designed solution patches for your CMS that increase performance andspeed..

The first two options are available to all hosting customers, the third is available to application hosting customers, and the fourth, we produce manually for additional charge.

Lists of supported CMS:

  • blogs: wordpress;
  • stores: Prestashop, Opencart, Magento;
  • forums: SMF

Please contact us if your preferred CMS is not on the list. We will use our expertise to try toaccelerate your website in a test mode, free of charge.

Setting Up IP Telephony

IP-Internet telephony (IP telephony) is technology that uses the Internet to transmit voice signals.
This service has several advantages for businesses::

  • Reduce the international and long distance calls cost by 3-5 times.
  • The ability to get several different cities’ and countries’ phone numbers on one device. (Forexample, you can receive calls to Kiev, Moscow, and London phone numbers on one Internet phone, regardless of your location. The only condition is the ability to connect to the Internet.)
  • Mobility: You can make and receive calls anywhere in the city/country, which is certainlyimportant for the business.
  • Number of lines or operators can be expanded at minimal additional expense.

If you want to build call center for your business, large or small, please contact us. We can build a new IP telephony call center, or maintain or modify already existing call center. Our experts will be happy to help with this technically challenging undertaking, and offer competitive hourly rates for service support small tasks.
Examples of components that we offer:

  • Connection to IP telephony providers and hardware gateways, including their settings;
  • IP-phones connecting and configuring;
  • гVoice messages and IVR voice menu;
  • Queues;
  • Calls recording;
  • Calls logging (CDR);
  • Answering machines and voice mail;
  • Different calls handling rules, depending upon time of day;
  • Integration with your CRM, including separation by client or group of clients, automaticclients roll call, sending voice messages, and much more.