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How should I choose the right hosting plan?

Hosting is usually selected by matching two criteria: website traffic and software the website requires.

Shared webhosting is quite good for standard PHP + Mysql platform with an average traffic (up to 20K visitors daily). WH-Lite fits website using up to 5GB and WH-Pro accommodates websites with traffic in excess of 5GB.

If the number of visitors exceeds 20K daily, or specific software is used, it is better to choose virtual hosting. (The V-Medium virtual server with SSD-drives offers faster performance.)

If daily visitors exceed 10K daily, or there are a number of specific server hardware requirements, a dedicated server is probably the best for you (for example, the VSD-Medium plan, with a Xeon E3 4-core processor).

How can I speed up my website?

To speed up the website and boost performance, we suggest a hosting plan with SSD-drives (for example, our SSD-hosting WH-Pro), which significantly reduces the search time and file processing.

If this measure is insufficient, due to sub-optimal code or a large amounts of data, it is better to purchase to our Website Acceleration services including:

  • Internet bottlenecks analysis to speed website scripts processing;
  • Creating additional database index tables to speed up the search quires;
  • Static data caching on a CDN to reduce IO and CPU load.
What distinguishes Shared Hosting, VPS, and Dedicated Server?

Shared Hosting customers are provided with personal account and disk space on a pre-configured server. The server is compatible with most website software set but no custom changes can be made to the software set.

A dedicated server – virtual VPS or physical Dedicated Server – includes root access to the OS and is full-customizable with your own list of software.

OS and application software installing process is significantly simplified on the virtual server, and is performed considerably faster than on a physical server. A physical server provides a greater independence from the infrastructure provider, however, and offers the option to create your own virtual machine pool on the server.

What is protected hosting?

The protected hosting concept includes website hosting on our servers and a number of protection measures against external attacks, including masking the real address of the web-server and outgoing e-mails. Thus, the site becomes immune from and stable against sophisticated DoS and DDoS attacks.

What should I do if my website stops working?

If you believe your website is offline, first check that the problem is not with your own ISP. Services like and If your service is really having a problem, email our technical support for email, use the feedback form or contact an online assistant, stating your name and website.

What is SSL-certificate?

SSL-certificates are special files that contains digital signatures and enable secure and encrypted communication between website servers and web browsers. They allows services to send and receive confidential data (passwords, credit card numbers, etc.) through a secure channel without information leakage or risk of interception.

In addition, an SSL-certificate issued and signed by the Certification Authority confirms the authenticity of the website, verifies the domain name of the web server that responded to the request.

This cryptographic protection mechanism requires 3rd-party verification and careful web server configuration. It is necessary to have a dedicated IP-address and data plan that supports SSL-encryption. WH-Pro SSL professional hosting is one plan which offers SSL protection.

What is a CMS?

CMS, or Content Management System, is a web-based platform to edit and display website contents through the browser without additional web editors or the need to upload the updated HTML-code via FTP.

Which CMS can I deploy on your hostng servers?

Our hosting services support the most popular open source CMS including:

  • Wordpress;
  • Drupal;
  • Joomla.
  • Our shared hosts are compatible with many other CMS. VPS and Dedicated Server plans can accommodate almost any specialized CMS software.

What is the advantage of SSD-drives?

SSD-disk or Solid State Drive contains no mechanical moving parts, unlike the conventional magnetic hard disc. Physical inertia factors and read head surface speed do not affect performance so reading SSD-disks is much faster than is reading HDD. The sector search time for SSD is close to 0, which is especially important for a IO requests in large databases, or on a high traffic websites with many files. All our services, from WH-Lite and WH-Pro to VS-Pro and VS-Premium, use SSD-drives to minimize response time.

What is net BGP-announcement?

BGP is standard Internet routing protocol, which most Internet service providers use to establish routing between one another (especially if they are mirrored in different geographical regions).

If you have your own IP-address space that you would like to use on our servers, you will need to announce your network via BGP routers. Contact our service team for assistance with making changes to the routing providers database.

What is a DDoS-attack?

DDoS, or Distributed Denial of Service, consists of using a very large number of computers to send false requests to the victim server. The aim is to disrupt or disable the resources offered by the target server by flooding it with noise.

How can I defend against DDoS-attacks?

You need a technical and programmatic measures in place to protect against DDoS attacks, including:

  • Bandwith capacity to ensure the channel stays open;
  • Computing resources to handle the load, usually hundreds or thousands times higher than thenominal source load;
  • Fine-tuned equipment to separate spam from real visitors requests while under excessive load.

To protect against DDoS attacks, these measures are standard our Proxy-lite and Proxy-400 services.

How can I trial your service?

Press the Test button under the product you’re interested in and go through the simple registrationform.

You may also contact our technical support via the feedback form or via on-line assistant.

What is the payment and connection services procedure?
  1. Selecting a service
  2. Test it out
  3. Place an order.
  4. Review the contract
  5. Accept

Invoice terms require that bills be paid within 5 days. All services are provided on a prepaid basis.

Why do I need a dedicated IP-address?

The dedicated address is required to use SSL certificate hosting, as well as to send e-mail from yourown domain.

How can I pay for services?

VShost accepts payment with credit cards, the titular characters WMZ, cryptocurrency BTC, Paypal payment system transfers, Skrill, and Interkassa. You may pay for services after you get access to your personal cabinet The e-mail address provided in the service order is your login.

All the paid and unpaid invoices appear in the My Account tab. Clicking on unpaid bills, it is possible to see the invoice in detail (amount and payment methods in the top corner). After selecting the desired payment method and pressing Pay button, you will be redirected to the gateway page. After entering the required data, payment will automatically be credited to the selected bill.