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DDoS attack on UNN


We have protected the Ukrainian National News website! Our position is unambiguous - no to separatism and the secret Russian war against our homeland..

August 29 the UNN workers asked us for help. At that moment they had a massive DDoS attacks,mainly from foreign Internet segment, the size of several tens of gigabits. We must pay tribute to the UNN Internet provider - the website was accessible from the Ukrainian segment and most of the visitors had access to the website (technically, "nulrout" was sent to all except the UA-IX and parities upstream). But the part of the Ukrainian and foreign audiences still could not get to the new website, so we started to work. Within a few minutes, we have prepared a sample configuration, UNN technicians transferred traffic to our IP address, and the website was then available worldwide. Currently, all traffic runs through our equipment and is cleared of DDoS, and the resource is available worldwide.

Unfortunately, the DNS and NTP amplification attack method used, as well as senders IP spoofing.For this reason, we can not figure out where malicious traffic was generated from. But we had no doubts that the attack ordered by ‘friendly’ country government, and implemented by Russian hackers need to somehow recoup the ‘Skolkovo’investments.