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Opencart e-commerce expansion module


By online stores and our customers owners popular demand, we have written advanced e-commerce analytics module (Enhanced e-commerce analytics) for Opencart.
The module integrates advanced google analytics script code in Opencart detailed format andtransmits the Google bar for deeper analytics reports formation, list is given below.
VQMOD extension for Opencart installation, that allows you to safely enasble and disable functionality, as well as update Opencart code with no harm to the module. It supports all script versions.

Vshost Opencart e-commerce expansion module tracks all important customer events and actionssuch as:

  • ads display in the store
  • items viewing
  • adding to and removing from cart
  • each ordering step separately
  • order confirmation
  • transactions

Module transmits the following data to the analytics system::

  • manufacturer
  • category
  • product name
  • quantity
  • price
  • product page or order step

Advanced analytics will help you to eliminate the filling or ordering process shortcomings in youronline store, conduct order form AB test, calculate buyer’s average cart value more precisely and advertising budget.
If necessary, our experts will install this module to your store and optimize the store script for the best value.